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10155518_10153880352689572_638665703620241099_nI’m so thrilled to announce that the Turkish edition of THE LOOK OF LOVE, called “AGAPI” debuted in Turkey this week. It was the #1 bestselling new book on the market this week and is climbing all of the bestseller charts. I’ve been busy doing a bunch of interviews for Turkish media and my lovely publisher, who I signed a new three-book deal with recently, is offering the chance for five readers in Turkey to win an evening out with me when I visit Istanbul this coming November. (Wow, right?!) I’m so grateful to my lovely Turkish readers and so excited for everyone to read this story!



I hope this January finds you happy, healthy, and positively moving ahead in directions that inspire you. I’m busy writing books (a novel, and something true… more soon on that). I’m also writing weekly, and sometimes bi-weekly, for Glamour, snuggling my handsome boys (I gave them haircuts tonight!), traveling, and generally soaking it all up. 2015 is going to be a beautiful year; I feel it in my bones. I hope you do, too. (Truly, it’s a thing. All of my girlfriends and colleagues have a feeling about 2015. This year is going to rock.)

Oh, and all my life, I’ve dreamed of having a library with a rolling ladder. When I was on a plane flying home from Paris in November, I got the idea to design one in my home… so I did it! It was just completed this week, and I’m smitten. An extension of my office, it’s 17-feet tall, with 45 shelves. I’ve almost filled half of it with books, most of which are my own novels, ha (I have many, many foreign editions and needed a place to put them all!).

Feeling content, happy.


Happy 2015!


May the New Year be filled with love, joy and peace—for all of us.

xo, Sarah


How gorgeous is the Italian edition of THE LOOK OF LOVE? I’m thrilled that this story will soon be published all over the world.




Give THE LOOK OF LOVE as a gift to a friend, family member or someone else in your life (think: stylist, favorite teacher, barista, dog walker!), and I’ll mail you a personalized, signed book plate that you can attach to the inside cover. Signed books make amazing gifts–even better, with a personalized note from the author! Details above!