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An Ode to the 90’s


ALWAYS is my eighth novel in the US, and ninth in the world, and today I’m making room for my newest story, in hardcover, in my Seattle bookcase–in Doc Martens, of course (which I haven’t worn since the nineties!).

In 1993, when my novel begins, I was a 16-year-old in Seattle, with a diary and a lot of dreams. I was dating a boy with a mohawk who was the lead singer of a punk rock band. When I close my eyes and let my heart go back to those years, it’s all there–ferries, thrift-shop shopping, cafe living, shows, guitar, bad poetry, young love.

There are a lot of those old ghosts in this new novel, and some new ones. I’m excited to share this story with the world on February 7!

My love, Brandon, is, very generously, throwing me a book launch party this month. It will be at an awesome spot in Pioneer Square (where ALWAYS is set), with all of our favorite people, and where a special musician will be playing songs from the novel, including a cover from Mazzy Star. It will be such a full circle moment for me–celebrating the old and the new.


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  • Marie-Elena Baker >> February 22, 2017, 2:30 am

    “ALWAYS is my eighth novel in the US, and ninth in the world” , what is the “ninth” book in the world?
    I love all your books so much adn it has been so much fun to “follow” you . I have started ALWAYS and as “always” I cannot put it down! I have to ration MY pages so it won’t end quickly!
    Thank you !

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