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I’m so thrilled that Books-A-Million, one of the nation’s largest book store chains has chosen GOODNIGHT JUNE as their September book club pick!



Hello lovely readers. As you may know, I wrote for Glamour for more than 5 years, a place I adored; and after I left, missed so much. So when my former editor asked me if I’d return to write a new series about life post-divorce, I said yes (well, first I thought about it long and hard over a few glasses of wine with pals, and then I said yes).

At first I was a little nervous. Write about my personal life? Publicly? Eek! After all, I’ve never really written in this way before. My books are fiction; my articles all stem from interviewing other people about their lives. I’ll be honest, writing about my life feels a little scary. But, at the end of the day, here’s the thing: It just feels right. (Look for my essay about Life 2.0 in the December issue of The Doctor Oz Magazine; on newsstands in November.)

I think that when we create a space for honesty, openness and authenticity, it allows others to shed their walls and be authentic too. The fact of the matter is that my life is not perfect, and it never was. (Who’s is?!) But for so many years, I tried very hard to project the perfect image to the world. I fiercely avoided sharing the less flattering angles of my life.

Time to pull the curtain back a little. Time to be real.

So here I am, figuring things out. Happy, a little lost, kind of confused, but doing (mostly) OK. And I’m writing my way through it.

I hope you’ll follow along. You can start by reading my first post, here. Then find the others in a list here.

Happy reading, and hugs.



A happy, proud day for this author. Book #7 is on its way to the world.


SARAH-BOYS79572_5579243742713347995_nMoms (and dads!), how are you holding up this summer? We’re keeping busy with pool time, adventures, and assorted shenanigans here in Seattle. Today we went out to the boys’ favorite restaurant for lunch after a morning at the pool, came home for an epic lego-building fest (the glamorous life, you know), then finished up with a make-your-own pizza party and a showing of ‘Honey I Shrunk the Kids’ (I was 11 when it came out—old school!).






Dear Havilah


I recently got to meet my new niece, Havilah Esther, and it was an awesome life moment. I have so many wishes for her: that she will face the world bravely and unafraid; that she will pick herself up when she falls, and own her mistakes, knowing that there is no such thing as perfection, and that flaws only make us more interesting (and often, more hilarious); that she sings even if out of tune, and dances even in the absence of rhythm (though she’s likely to have plenty, her mom (my sister) can DANCE); that she finds work that is meaningful to her, and a life purpose that makes her and others smile; that she experiences true joy, often; that she chooses forgiveness over bitterness; that she has the chance to know real love, and no matter what, always keeps her heart open. I wish her a big, bold, beautiful life. (And I hope she remembers to call her auntie now and then.)