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Here I am, rocking the “O” and the “K” at the King County Library’s Literary Lions Gala last weekend, along with a bunch of my author friends who clearly loved to ham it up in front of the camera (I’m talking about you, Cat Patrick, Amy Hatvany, and Carol Cassella!). True story: I tripped on the red carpet shortly after this. Anyone who knows me, will just nod and smile at this revelation. I am completely, 100 percent, clumsy. But, boy did we have fun that night!








I have no idea why it took me seven years into motherhood to take my boys to Baskin-Robbins (bad mom! And yes, I’m a bit of a health nut) but I did over the weekend and the result was total bliss. Hello pink bubble gum, orange sherbet and strawberry.


I was so honored to be invited to be a guest author last weekend at the King County Library’s Literary Lions Gala in Bellevue. The event raised more than $250,000 for literacy programs, and I had the chance to mingle with some amazing authors, including Amy Hatvany, Carol Casella, Nancy Horan, Pierce Brown, Cat Patrick, and many more.  My favorite part? Getting to meet one of my literary idols, Amy Tan. (Oh, and also the fun author group selfie from the stage!) What a night!

group-shot-finalTwo comments on the above: My skirt looks too short and I don’t know why I’m making this face! Oops.

amy-tan-finalAmy Tan is as lovely as she is talented. She was a delight.


The first thing Amy Tan said to me, even before I introduced myself, was “aren’t you the author with three young boys at home?” I was so amazed that she knew about me at all!

group-shot-2-finalAn amazing group of authors on one stage.

sarah-signing-finalYes, there are two glasses of wine with me as I sign books.



First Kisses


A friend recently shared this lovely little video documentary about 20 strangers sharing a first kiss. It’s funny, sweet, awkward (can you even imagine being paired up with someone from the street and agreeing to kiss them? Eek!) and oddly touching—some of these couples have serious chemistry. (I also adore the song playing in the background. It’s called “We Might Be Dead By Tomorrow” by Soko. Perfection, and truth.)


I’m busy, busy, busy finishing up my seventh novel for Penguin Books, THE LOOK OF LOVE (stay tuned…cover to be revealed soon!). I’ve been staying up late, getting up early, staying in my PJs for days on end, living off of coffee, and otherwise living and breathing this story. It’s special to me in a way no other novel has been, and I can’t wait for the world to read it. For now, I will share the playlist of songs I’ve been listening to while writing…songs that have been particularly meaningful to me at this stage in my writing journey—music that has guided me and my heroine:

Brothers on a Hotel Bed | Death Cab for Cutie

Back to You | Greg Laswell

The Look of Love | Dusty Springfield (also love the version by Diana Krall)

Always | Blink 182

Both Sides Now | Joni Mitchell

Atlas Eyes | Emma Louise

Called Out in the Dark | Snow Patrol

Dark Horse | Katy Perry

First Day of My Life | Bright Eyes

Go Your Own Way | Lissie

Gravel Lines | Amy Seeley

Green Apples | Chantal Kreviazuk

Grey Street | Dave Matthews Band

New Years Eves | Greg Laswell

Hero | Family of the Year

How the Day Sounds | Greg Laswell

I Think It’s Going to Rain Today | Norah Jones

Into Dust | Mazzy Star

Pass in Time | Beth Orton

Set Fire to the Rain | Adele

Shake It Out | Florence and the Machine

Stay Awake | London Grammar

This Love | Ellie Goulding

Things We Don’t Know About | Blue October

Wild Is The Wind | Nina Simone

Hold On | Sarah McLachlin

When I’m With You | Ben Rector

The Writer | Ellie Goulding

You Found Me | The Fray

Sting | Why Should I Cry for You