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Norway, in Photos

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To Norway, With Love

Unknown-4I have just returned from the most beautiful book tour to Oslo, Norway. My publisher, Cappelen Damm, invited me to come for a visit to meet with them, booksellers and readers, and I jumped at the chance to see autumn in Norway. It was truly gorgeous beyond words. When we arrived at our hotel in Oslo, imagine our delight to find that we were staying in one of the suites where Nobel Laureates have stood for more than a century. From there, the week was packed with lunches with my editors, publishers and publicists from Cappelen Damm, dinners with booksellers in Norway, visits to museums, wine in stunning historic Oslo home, and several fantastic events with Norwegian readers (one, where more than 300 people attended!).

I grew up in a town a ferry’s ride away from Seattle called Poulsbo, where we are very proud of our Scandinavian culture, and as a girl, I was always so fascinated with Norway—so imagine my delight to see it all in person, and with my wonderful boyfriend by my side. It was truly a fantastic week, and I’m brimming with gratitude to my publisher and the readers and booksellers of Norway for welcoming me and for making my novels bestsellers. I can’t wait to return! (More photos from our travels to come.)


Look at this beauty! I’m so excited to share the cover of the cover of the German edition of MORNING GLORY, to be published by Random House Germany soon!

Sarah Jio, MORNING GLORY_German cover


The Home Stretch


I’ve been quiet on this blog, but life has been so full. I’ve been documenting part of my journey for Glamour, working on some exciting new projects, traveling all over the place (from Moscow to Mexico, Big Sur to Napa, and a few other places in between). But through it all, I’ve been finishing my eight novel, which I’m incredibly excited about and proud of. I’m in the final mile. More soon.


10155518_10153880352689572_638665703620241099_nI’m so thrilled to announce that the Turkish edition of THE LOOK OF LOVE, called “AGAPI” debuted in Turkey this week. It was the #1 bestselling new book on the market this week and is climbing all of the bestseller charts. I’ve been busy doing a bunch of interviews for Turkish media and my lovely publisher, who I signed a new three-book deal with recently, is offering the chance for five readers in Turkey to win an evening out with me when I visit Istanbul this coming November. (Wow, right?!) I’m so grateful to my lovely Turkish readers and so excited for everyone to read this story!