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Media coverage of The Violets of March:

Redbook magazine: “Feed the kids before you settle in with journalist Sarah Jio’s engrossing first novel, The Violets of March. This mystery-slash-love story will have you racing to the end—cries of ‘Mom, I’m hungry!’ be damned!”

Costco Connection magazine: “I’m sure this book will become a source of healing and comfort for its readers.”

Library Journal: “Jio’s debut novel is a rich blend of history, mystery, and romance. After a heartbreaking divorce, one-hit-wonder author Emily is staying on Bainbridge Island, WA, with her elderly aunt when she comes across a diary from the 1940s. Drawn into the details of a mysterious stranger’s life, Emily begins to see parallels to her own situation and senses a mystical connection with the anonymous writer. Fans of Sarah Blake’s The Postmistress should enjoy this story.”

The New Jersey Star-Ledger: “Masterfully written.”

Publisher’s Weekly: They call the book “pleasant” with a “lovely setting.”

SheKnows.com: Picks The Violets of March as one of five debut novels to watch for in 2011!

RT Books: “Using the curious nature of wood violets, which have bloomed on the island in an off-season to signal promise and redemption, the story’s setting and sentiment are sure to entice readers and keep them captivated page after page.”

Tina’s Book Reviews: “I LOVED this novel. I loved the story, the characters and especially Esther’s story from 1943. Jio, with sheer perfection, took a modern day setting and weaved it with characters and the world of the 1940’s. The writing was gorgeous and I felt swept away by the island, the descriptions, the love and the passion surrounding the characters. It was truly exciting trying to figure out the mystery that had me turning page after page to see what happened to the love between Esther and Elliot, to see all the pieces come together and finally when the revelation came I was gasping, crying and stunned by the turn of events. Do not miss this amazingly great story from a talented new voice in literature, I’m almost doing back flips at how much I adored this novel, my favorite this year so far!”

Shelf Awareness: “The story works because debut author Sarah Jio loves her characters.”

Las Vegas Review-Journal: In “The Violets of March,” debut author Sarah Jio beautifully blends the stories of two women–one of the past, one of the present–together to create a captivating and enthralling novel of romance, heartache and redemption.”

Girls Gone Reading: “Violets, at its core, is about truth, and some truths (maybe the best ones) can only come from those who love us and those we came from. The Violets of March is an astounding debut novel that I tore threw and am passing along to everyone I know!”

Unputdownables: “Part love story, part mystery, this book has a similar feel to The Guernesy Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows. Incorporating modern times and the 1940′s mixed together with likable characters this novel had just enough ups and downs to tug on your heartstrings while keeping the story moving.”

Books & Movies: “At its heart, The Violets of March is a story of how secrets kept can resonate down through generations, causing ripples that the secret-keepers wouldn’t even begin to imagine. I loved reading as Emily discovered her family’s secrets, and as she discovered a way to move past her own grief.”

Ventura County Star: “Enthralling”

Chicklit Club: “Different than anything I have read before, this is not your everyday romance, or self-discovery story–this is much, much better.”

Bookfinds.com: “I read this book in less than 24 hours because it had that powerful a hold on me. It is exactly what a novel should be; beautifully written with real characters that come to life on the page, an intriguing plot and an element of mystery to keep you hooked. …I loved this book and look forward to future novels from this amazingly talented new voice in women’s fiction.”

Write Meg: “Sarah Jio’s The Violets of March combines contemporary fiction, historical fiction and romance into one alluring read. … An intriguing family drama that was a truly pleasant read.”

Girlfriends Book Club Q&A

Book Addict Reviews: “The Violets of March is an imminently readable, thoroughly enjoyable book about love, family, and moving foward.”

Devourer of Books: “This was a beautiful and well-written story of redemption, hope, and starting over. I can’t wait to see what Jio has for us next. Highly recommended.”

Sharon’s Garden of Book Reviews: “Part mystery, part romance, The Violets of March is one-hundred percent an enjoyable read that will have readers anxiously awaiting Sarah Jio’s next novel.”

Dancing Branflakes: “To say she is a talented writer would be an understatement. The way she phrases words and captures emotions catapulted me into a love story I cannot stop thinking about.”

A Cozy Reader’s Corner: “Ms. Jio has proven to be a masterful story teller with this novel. It is full of depth and emotion with twist and turns that carry the reader away. … I, without doubt, have stumbled across my new favorite author. Her books are now a must read for me and I highly anticipate her next release. … I urge you to read this book. It will amaze you.”

Girls Gone Reading: “The Violets of March is an astounding debut novel that I tore threw and am passing along to everyone I know!”

GreatThoughts.com: “A good beach romance!”

Charlotte’s Web of Books: “It really touched a tender spot in my heart.”

Tales of Whimsy: “The Violets of March is a 4-star story best suited for those that appreciate dramatic love with their mysteries.”

Books & Movies: At its heart, The Violets of March, is a story of how secrets kept can resonate down through generations, causing ripples that the secret-keepers wouldn’t even begin to imagine. I loved reading as Emily discovered her family’s secrets, and as she discovered a way to move past her own grief.”

Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers: “A wonderful trip awaits whomever dares to head the call of the island… will you?”

My Book Views: “The Violets of March is so amazingly good that there’s really not an adjective to describe how completely I loved this debut from Sarah Jio. Some books are so amazing they beg to be raced through; The Violets of March is the kind of book that’s so wonderful that I kept stopping so I could analyze the plot and prolong my time with Emily. I was very much caught up in the mystery and trying to figure out the true identities of the people from the diary. Each second spent with The Violets of March was a pleasure.”

Dolce Belleza: “The Violets of March was exactly the book I needed to get me out of a reading slump … It holds an intricate blend of characters and plot, which is seamlessly interwoven into a multi-layered tale of redemption and healing. I was unable to guess the outcome up to the very last pages, and it is a rare novel which is able to lead me down a path unaware of my final destination.”

iVillage.com: “Tales from inspiring moms with successful careers”

Chick Lit Central: …”The Violets of March is a beautiful and thought-provoking story. This is Ms. Jio’s debut novel, which means we can only expect more amazing novels from here on out. I’m actually afraid to write a novel after reading this, as she has set a new standard for writing women’s fiction. …The Violets of March is a must-read that you will want to recommend even before you’re halfway through with reading it.”

Chick Lit Reviews: “Have you ever read a book that you could feel as you were reading it? I don’t mean the actual physical book with it’s paper and weight in your hands, but what’s held within those pages. This is exactly what happened to me with The Violets of March. As Emily made her way to the sleepy island of Bainbridge I could literally feel the cold wind from the salty seas outside Aunt Bee’s home on the waterfront. I could imagine strolling down the beach with my arms swinging at my sides and breathing deeply that wonderful sea air. It was beyond perfect…”

Reading, Writing & the World of Words: “The story is sure please grandmothers, mothers, and daughters alike with its genuine charm, eloquent writing, and romantic portrayal of the transcendence of love.”